Verizon tops AT&T in Consumer Reports

cell-towerConsumer Reports  conducted some extensive research on cellular service and the results are in. The issue of COnsumer Reports with all of the data is on newsstands now but, Matt Winer’s Droidie blog, and the New York Times’ Bits, have pulled out some of the results. The results are what I think most people would expect:


1. In overall ratings Verizon was the best in every category. AT&T was the worst in every category but one (whether or not an issue was resolved, for that only Sprint was worse). The order was: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. Permalink to this paragraph

2. Consumer Reports also rated service by city. Verizon was top-rated in every city. There were some cities where AT&T wasn’t worst. For example, in Dallas AT&T was #2. Other cities where AT&T didn’t come in last: Boston (3), Detroit (3), Indianapolis (2), San Antonio (3), St Louis (3), Tampa (2).


The unscientific but widely followed survey, which spanned more than 50,000 Consumer Reports readers in 26 cities, found that AT&T’s main weak spot is voice connectivity, but the carrier got panned in everything except Web access and texting.

I think most people agree with those results don’t you? Maybe I’m wrong?

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