Vacuum: A Game That Offers A Cash Prize

Vacuum is a one of a kind game that lets you compete with other players around the world for a cash prize. It’s a fast paced tunnel racing game in which the objective is to collect as many spheres as possible while avoiding the asteroids. The great thing about this game is that you tilt the phone to maneuver through the tunnel.

Vacuum Android AppIf you’ve ever played any other tunnel type games you know how addictive they can become. Now imagine a cash prize on the line.  This game will be released on March 20th and the first round of competition will begin April 1st.

Vacuum: The Global Competition Press Release

Door-6 unveils Vacuum, a fast-paced competition on the Android platform. The game blends classic arcade action with a dynamic 3D environment. Players must navigate a perilous, asteroid-filled obstacle course, competing for the top score and cash prizes. In this successor to the acclaimed “Atmosphere: The Training Mission”, a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge 2, your phone becomes the joystick of an agile spaceship maneuvering to collect targets along the course.

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