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December 11th brings OTA updates for Android

Phandroid is announcing that OTA updates will be available for both the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris. Google has just sent out an E-Mail to Android Developers noting a new version of the Developer Distribution Agreement and requiring acceptance of the agreement by  December 11, 2009 12 AM Pacific Standard Time. The e-mail [...]

Today is the day! 2 Android Phones Arrive at Verizon!

The Motorola DROID and the HTC Eris finally arrive at Verizon stores today. The DROID has taken the spotlight of the Android phones but the Eris can be picked up for $100 less. The specs are not as good as the DROID’s and if you require a hardware keyboard, you have to go with the [...]

10 things Android phones do better than the iPhone

Jack Wallen at TechRepublic wrote up a nice post describing 10 different things that makes Android Phones excel compared to the iPhone. Heres the list along with the highlights: This post is based strictly off his experiences with his Sprint HTC Hero 1: Browsing Let me first say I do like the Safari browser on [...]

Verizon DROID (aka Sholes) by Motorola – Features Reviewed

The folks over at Slashgear have a hands-on review of the Verizon DROID coming out this friday. They say its still too early to give any definitive opinions on the Android smartphone but they have some useful insight since they have had the privilege to play with it. Here’s the highlights of the post: The [...]

Second Verizon DROID Phone launching Nov 6th also? – DROID Eris by HTC $99

Second Verizon DROID Phone launching Nov 6th also? – DROID Eris by HTC $99

If you don’t already know Verizon DROID is not a phone but a series. According to the latest leaks the DROID Eris by HTC could also launch on Nov 6th with a $99 price tag, after rebates and a new 2-year contract. The Eris will be similar to the HTC Hero which is not comparable [...]

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