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Android App: ColorNote

For any sticky note users out there this app is for you! ColorNote is a great Android app for keeping reminders and lists on your Android phone. Obviously the big perk to this app is the fact that you can put different colored sticky notes on your home screen. In the ColorNote application you can [...]

App Review: Trapster

App Review: Trapster

If you’ve never heard of Trapster is an Android app that lets you know where cops are sitting or where red light cameras are. Like many apps these days it’s a social driven Android app, so it relies on other Trapster users reporting things as they see them. One of the great things about this [...]

App Review: Protector

App Review: Protector

Protector is a great security program that can be very beneficial for many users. Protector allows you to password protect any Android app. SMS, Gmail, e-mail, Settings, Photos, Calendar, Notepad, Chat…or anything else you can even want to put a password on is an option. You are even able to protect just particular features of [...]

Snaptic Reaches 2 Million Users

Snaptic is a great Android application and if you need more proof, how about the fact that they just reached 2 million ACTIVE users? This is a great sign of things to come in the Android community. The Android platform as a whole continues to grow and this is even more evidence. A large part [...]

Must Have App: MyBackup Pro

If you’re worried about the data on your Android phone the MyBackup Pro by RerWare is a must have app. No one plans on dropping their phone into the toilet, or leaving it behind at a restaurant. You never know when your phone is going to bite the dust and just stop working. Why risk [...]

Official Ebay App Now Available

Be sure to visit the new Simply Droid Forum. Contest begins next week! Ebay is the largest online auction site in the world. The majority of online users have used Ebay at least once in their life. So naturally an Ebay Android app would be a largely desired app. There have been unofficial Ebay apps [...]

Play Quake 2 and Quake 3 on Your Droid!

Play Quake 2 and Quake 3 on Your Droid!

AndroidandMe held a competition for developers with a $90 prize. The result? Quake 2 and Quake 3 were ported to the Droid! Both of the apps seem to run well. The frame rate on Quake 2 is around 30 fps and gets as high as 50 in smaller sections of the map. Even during multi-player [...]

18 Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone

Make Tech Easier has posted an article with 18 Essential Apps for Your Android Phone. It’s a great list, but nothing ground breaking. In fact we have covered quite a few of the apps here at Simply Droid. Nonetheless its a nice roundup of great apps that are worth checking out. Here’s the list – [...]

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