Pre-Release Version of Firefox Mobile Available for Android

An early version of Mozilla’s Firefox mobile browser called Fennec is now available for Android devices.  Fennec offers one of the best mobile browsing experiences out there and now Android users can give it a try.  It is important to note this is still a very early build and this version may contain bugs.  So far it has only been tested successfully on the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One.

One of the many features of Fennec is the ability to add the Mozilla plug-in called Weave Sync.  This pre-alpha build is compatible with an experimental version of Weave Sync which you can get here.  Weave Sync allows you to share your history, passwords, bookmarks and tabs between your desktop and your mobile.  This is extremely handy especially if you use several computers throughout the day and want to keep everything organized.

While this version of Fennec on Android is no where near finished it still gives you a glimpse of what exactly Fennec can do.  All Android users are encouraged to give it a try on their phones and test out the features.  If you run into problems or your phone restarts remember you can always uninstall.  You can download the app by clicking or scanning the QR code on the left.


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About the Author: Justin is the owner of SimplyDroid. He is passionate about all types of Android phones especially the Motorola Droid.

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  1. Huckleberry says:

    Would not open on my Droid. Uninstalled.

  2. Kerensa says:

    How do I uninstall this from my phone?

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