Motorola to sell 600,000 Droids in 2009.

Motorola-Android-smartphoneIt appears that the Motorola Droid is selling just fine. Its obviously not quite the numbers that Apple had with its iPhone but Om Malik from GigaOM published word from Mark McKechnie of Broadpoint AmTech suggesting Motorola will have sold 600,000 Motorola Droids by the end of this year. If you add that number to the sales of Motorola’s CLIQ/Dexter (400,000) from T-Mobile, Orange, Telefonica and American Movil and that is 1 million Android phones being sold by Motorola this year alone.

Broadpoint AmTech estimates 10 MILLION Motorola Android Phones will be sold in 2010. At an average price of $286, that’s roughly 2.86 billion in sales of Motorola Android Phones alone. Maybe Motorola is onto something with these Android phones?

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