Motorola passes Apple in brand loyalty among men

AppleInsider is reporting that according to a survey from YouGov’s BrandIndex, Motorola has passed Apple in loyalty among men 18+ since the launch of the Droid. Motorola has stayed relatively steady while Apple has taken a bit of a plunge, possible due to the ad wars between AT&T and Verizon.

“Motorola has seen its brand loyalty unaffected by AT&T’s lawsuits against Verizon Wireless and ad war bashing,” YouGov said. “But it seems to have taken a toll on Blackberry, which has withered under all the Droid/iPhone marketing and hype.”


It’s also possible and probably more likely that the Motorola Droid is a very solid phone and has caused the increase in loyalty. If the advertising wars were the case wouldn’t Motorola take a hit as well since its newest/latest/greatest phone (Droid) is on Verizon? Either way, this is just another sign pointing to the popularity of the Droid and the type of love it is getting from it’s users.

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