Gmail for Mobile on Android Gets New Compose Features

Google is in the process of revamping Gmail for mobile on several different Android phones.  They plan on releases new features one at a time so you can really get an in-depth look at what they are adding.  Their latest feature is a redesign of the compose page.  There is a new address field that expands to show you all the email addresses you have entered in.  It also now features a handy drop down box that lets you quickly add or remove your contacts.  Most of these new features make it easier for you to send your email on the go.  Some other compose features include:

  • Remove the contact you just added by tapping Backspace.
  • Press the ‘+’ button to see your top contacts, or hide them by pressing the ‘–’ button.
  • If for some reason autocomplete fails you and the person you are trying to reach is a Gmail user, just type their Gmail username and a comma, and we’ll take care of the pesky @ sign and the rest (so [hikingfan] becomes [].)
  • The page now fills the entire screen, giving you more space to see what you’re writing.

Overall they have made it easier to compose emails on Gmail for Mobile instead of the native Gmail Android app.  Let’s hope they eventually include this feature in the app because it’s a great feature.

[via GoogleMobileBlog]

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