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    Not able to set security on any files in Karbonn A25

    I am having some confidential files in my phone which i want to protect from viewing others so i want to set passwords on these files but i am not getting any option to set password help me please in setting password.

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    Re: Not able to set security on any files in Karbonn A25

    My dear friend you say that you want to hide some of your confidential files from others to view.Well this is what i have in my mind for you,,,

    1. First of all go to the following link and download the application,,


    2. From there you should install the app.

    3. Then open the app on your phone.

    4. And then press and hold on the Audio manager spells.

    5. Then you should go to the documents option.

    6. After that you have to make new folder and tap on + button.

    7. And then you should select your files.

    8. And at last you should tap on the option saying hide.

    That's all you have to do my friend,,,
    Good luck!!!

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    Re: Not able to set security on any files in Karbonn A25

    dear sir,

    follow my instructions to solve your problem.....

    * you have to download and install FILE LOCKER application in your phone.

    * it is the best application for you..

    * using this you Will be able to lock all files separately ....

    * to download this application follow as below ...

    * first make sure you have internet connection..

    * then go to main menu and then tab on PLAY STORE icon.

    * after opening play STORE search for FILE LOCKER application using search box of play store...

    * after searching tab on FILE LOCKER application and then tab on INSTALL option.

    * after that tab on ACCEPT.

    * it Will take some time and your FILE LOCKER application Will be install in your phone...

    now you will able to your file separately.....

    best of luck.....+C

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    Re: Not able to set security on any files in Karbonn A25

    Hello Sir,

    There are so many apps that can solve your current problem.

    So my suggestion to you is that you simply have to do as below:::::::>>>>

    First of all setup an internet connection on your device.

    After that tap on the play store from your device.

    There search and download file locking apps.

    You can use FILE LOCKER apps for this purpose.

    Once you got it then proceeds for downloading it on your device.

    Once you got the complete download then you have to tap on the install.

    You have to follow some screen instruction for completing the installation process.

    Then open the apps in to your device.

    And use it to lock your document.

    Hope you got me.

    All the best.

    Thank you.

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