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    How can I unlock Karbonn A30 android smartphone?

    I have Karbonn A30. It is locked due to several pattern attempts. Now does not accept Google account and pass word. please help me to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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    Re: How can I unlock Karbonn A30 android smartphone?

    Dear Sir...

    It is easy to open account and don't need of internet service...

    @ When you enter your lock 5 times wrong ...

    @ Then screen shows a option below pattern > FORGET PASSWORD <

    @ And tap on it...

    @ And now it ask for your > G-mail Account...<

    @ And put you ID & password in it...

    @ In some condition if you forget it both then you have only one option update software of device...

    Thank You...

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    Re: How can I unlock Karbonn A30 android smartphone?

    Dear friend

    the last option s hard reset
    1 switch off the device
    2 remove sd card and sim card
    3 then press power button and volume up button
    4 after some time a logo will appear
    5 then release the power button
    6 now some options will appear
    7 then release the volume up button
    8 volume key is to move to options
    9 use home key to select an option
    10 then select reset option
    11 after that reboot the device
    12 then wait till the device starts

    hope this wll help you

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    Re: How can I unlock Karbonn A30 android smartphone?


    Suggestions ------>
    * If you have forgotten the pattern then click on forgot option.
    * This option is provided at last of the screen and after that you will be redirected to security section.
    * You will be asked some question where you need to provide the correct answers.
    * These question were setup when you have set the pattern lock.
    * After entering the question you can change the pattern.
    * Now you can also use your device in free mode as no other security check will be there.
    * You must maintain space in the device memory so that apps can work properly.
    * This can be maintained by cleaning the cache and history files in device.
    * You can also take the help of memory cleaner app for cleaning the memory.
    * Also see that RAM in device is also more so to increase the processing speed.
    * Save the device from all kind of the virus attack.
    * Have the purchased version of the antivirus for this purpose.
    * Also see that software of the device is in updated format.
    * Backups of all important files are also needed in device.


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    chandan gupta chandan gupta is on a distinguished road
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    Re: How can I unlock Karbonn A30 android smartphone?

    dear friend; follow this instruction to unlock your phone. @ first switch off your phone. @ then remove sd card . @ now press "volume up+power "bottom together & hold up to 5 sec @ then recovery mode will be open. @ now select "wipe/factory data reset "option. use volume bottom to scroll. * after that select reboot option. @ it will take some time &your phone will be unlock. thank you....

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    AASHISH SAINI AASHISH SAINI is on a distinguished road
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    Re: How can I unlock Karbonn A30 android smartphone?

    My dear friend if you are not being able to open the phone with the help of email then you should try by hard resetting it.The following video will show you the procedure for hard reset,,,

    For your convinience i am also writing the steps for hard reset below,,,

    1. First put your fingers on the volume up and the power buttons.

    2. After that you should press them simultaneously.

    3. Then use your volume buttons and go to the Recovery Menu.

    4. Then go to the option saying Wipe Data/Factory Data Reset.

    5. From there reset your phone and then you can use your phone.

    Have a nice day!!!

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