First Generation Android Phones Not Receiving Flash 10.1

Well this news is a bummer. It’s been announced that first generation Android phones will not be getting Flash 10.1. These phones include T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile CLIQ, T-Mobile Behold II, Sprint Hero, Sprint Moment, Verizon DROID Eris, and Verizon Devour. Now keep in mind that this is just Flash 10.1 that they will not be receiving, they still might receive Flash Lite. After Adobe released the Flash 10.1 requirements these phones just couldn’t meet them.

Android Adobe FlashAccording to Adobe, the Android phones must have both Android 2.1 and an ARM v7 (Cortex) processor which includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon and the TI OMAP3 processors. The only phone that currently meets these requirements is the Nexus One. The Motorola Droid will have it soon once it receives its 2.1 OTA update.

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About the Author: Justin is the owner of SimplyDroid. He is passionate about all types of Android phones especially the Motorola Droid.

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  1. ryan says:

    This is great news for my Motorola Droid, but do we have any idea when this will be released? Or the 2.1 update?

  2. Thaddeus says:

    So wait the droid will get it like the original droid not the eris.

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