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Google’s New Phone, Geared Towards iPhone – NSFW

Check out Google’s new phone that says “F you iPhone”. This video is not safe for work (or children). [ Gizmodo |  LandLineTV ]

Track Santa Tonight On Your Mobile Phone

Want to track Santa this Christmas Eve so you know when he will arrive? NORAD has been tracking Santa for more than 50 years and they are tracking him once again this year. They are providing radar coverage and up-to-the-minute info on his every move. You can track Santa from their website, in Google Earth, [...]

The Best Smartphones on Each Carrier

Gizmodo did a nice write up covering each carrier’s best phones. The best part? There are 4 Android phones on the list! Considering that Android has not been around that long, the fact that there are 4 phones on a best of list is rather impressive.  The recap of the list, along with prices is [...]

Google Wave/Voice Invites – We have some!

I know its not Android per se, but it’s Google related which is close enough right? Anyways we have a handful of Wave invites and a couple Google Voice invites to pass on. Leave a comment below or “tweet” us on twitter for an invite. In case you don’t know what these services are here’s [...]

Simply Droid is on Twitter!

Simply Droid is on Twitter now! Follow us at Also, don’t forget to sign up for the RSS feeds to keep up to date on everything. Lastly, we are going to start doing more app reviews to help everyone find great apps for the their phone. Keep on the lookout for these. Here’s our [...]


xkcd comic – iPhone or Droid

If you are a fan of xkcd comics then you probably already saw the latest one poking fun at the iPhone, which makes for great humor for Droid owners. The stick character is trying to decide between the iPhone or the Droid and ultimately makes the right choice:

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