Best Free Android Apps for May 2011

It is becoming harder each month to choose the best free android apps to download.  There are thousands of Android apps available across multiple types of app stores.  Of course there are a ton of apps that are a waste but there are also quite a few gems.    Below you will find the top 3 Android apps for the May 2011 and a download link so you can try them for yourself.


1. Linkedin for AndroidDownload

qr codeIf you’re not ‘Linkedin’ yet then you are missing out.  Linkedin is the professional  social network that connects millions of job seekers to new opportunities.  It also allows you to connect with fellow co-workers, get recommendations and join professional groups.  The Linkedin Android app allows you to explore your network on the go.  You can get updates from your connections and  view important messages from contacts.  The next time you roll into an interview you will be prepared with the Linkedin Android app.

linkedin 1 linkedin 2













2. Netflix for AndroidDownload

netflix qr codeNetflix finally made it’s way to Android devices with an awesome new app.  You can now get Netflix movies three ways, by mail, streamed to your T.V. and now straight to your phone.  Download this and you will be able to watch movies and television shows right on your Android phone.  There is no extra charge as it’s part of the Netflix unlimited  membership.  You can also start a Netflix show or movie from your phone and then finish it from your T.V. right where you left off.  The Netflix for Android app is not available yet for all Android models but will be shortly.


netflix androidnetflix android

















3. WebMD for AndroidDownload

web md qrDo you want 24/7 access to health information while on the go?  Well WebMD for Android delivers just that as you can access an abundance of health information no matter where you are.  Some of the go-to features are the WebMD symptom checker, pill identification tool and local health listings.  The symptom checker is our favorite as it lets you select a part of the body where you are having symptoms to then find out what may be the problem.

webmd for androidwebmd

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  1. Dmithc says:

    netflix for the win!

  2. This is an awesome list of apps!

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