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One of the best fitness apps out there is CardioTrainer from WorkSmart Labs. Looking at the Android Market, CardioTrainer has over 250,000 downloads with 2919 ratings and 4 1/2 stars. CardioTracker

Like many of the fitness apps out there this one maps your workout using GPS, automatically uploads your workouts online, plots various statistics of your workouts, and has an integrated calorie calculator. In the settings you can enter your weight so that it accurately calcutes your calories along with many other settings including switching between miles/feet and kilometers/meters.

The app uses the phone’s music player so you have access to all of your music and playlists. In the settings you can select which playlist or have it shuffle randomly. There is voice output to help you along your run and like all of the other options there is a setting to turn the voice output off.

After you complete a workout it saves your data on the phone and also uploads it to their website. All of the data is uploaded anonymously so you do not need to create an account. In the settings of the program you are given an access code and you use that to access your workout information online.

One of the best things about CardioTrainer that makes it a terrific app is its flexibilty. There is an outdoor (which uses the gps) and an indoor (useful for treadmills) option. The indoor option uses a pedometer to keep track of your distance. The app also switches over to the pedometer if the outdoor option loses its GPS signal. Along with those two options you can select which activity you are doing:

Horseback Riding
Team Sports

I have personally only tried out the running and walking activities but they work  great. I also would not recommend taking your phone on some of those (kayaking? water + phone = bad news) but nonetheless they are available.

Everything mentioned above is included in the free version. Besides the workout functionality of the app there is also a Weight Loss Trainer and Race Against Yourself features. It costs $2.99 (one time fee) for these features.

Weight Loss Trainer

How it works:

1. Start by telling the trainer how much weight you want to lose and in how many weeks.

2. Choose your exercise schedule and see what diet you have to maintain.

3. Get exercise reminders and use CardioTrainer to track your workouts automatically. Each workout counts towards your goal.

4. Enter your weight into the program once a week. This helps you track your progress and tells the trainer approximately how much you are eating.

5. Follow your progress – see how much weight you are losing by exercise, and how much by less calorie intake.

Race against yourself

- Motivate yourself during workouts. Race against your previous times and try to outrun yourself.Race Against Yourself

- Get live audio feedback “Ahead by 23 yards” “2 miles remaining”

- Get live visual feedback and statistics during and after the race.

This app is a must have for any of our fitness readers out there. With the indoor and outdoor option you have no excuse to not use it. Plus you can’t beat the pricetag -FREE! ($2.99 for the added features, but still a great price)

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