Android Market Now Houses Over 38,000 Apps

Google has recently announced its first quarter 2010 financial results and as expected they continue to do well.  Helping the results was the recently launched Nexus One and the Android Market which now has over 38,000 apps.  James Huber SVP of Engineering had this to say:

We believe in open platforms.. Our efforts in mobile are a great example of this at work. Schmidt said Goog is taking mobile first approach. Your smartphone knows where you are, so this location launched near-me-now. Turns your location into the search query. New stars in search feature, you click star next to result to save it. Makes it easier to find later (from mobile device). Android and Chrome gaining lots of momentum. Android powering 34 devices from 12 OEMs. Over 60,000 Android devices sold/activated a day. Our mantra w/ Android is “open”. The platform and Market. 38,000 Apps, up 70% quarter over quarter. I/O coming up.

It’s only a matter of time before the Android Market reaches over 100,000 apps.  Consider this, last month alone 8,000 more apps were added to the Market and that number will surely grow.  Back in September of 2009 the Market reached the 10,000 apps milestone.  While the Android Market still isn’t quite there yet it’s nice to see its making strides.  Next up for Google is hopefully an easy to use web interface that integrates better with the Market.

[via TechCrunch]

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