18 Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone

Make Tech Easier has posted an article with 18 Essential Apps for Your Android Phone. It’s a great list, but nothing ground breaking. In fact we have covered quite a few of the apps here at Simply Droid. Nonetheless its a nice roundup of great apps that are worth checking out. Here’s the list -

18 Essential Apps For Your Android Phone:

  1. WaveSecure – We did a write up on this app here, also worth checking out is a similar app Lookout
  2. TaskKiller – A very important app to keep your phone running smoothly.
  3. Astro File Manager - A great file manager that lets you backup and restore your apps to your SD card.
  4. Battery Widget – Easy way to see how your battery is being used and keep an eye on its status. (Make Tech Easier notes that there are 2 different apps in the Market. This is the one from Mippin.com)
  5. APNdroid – Used to help save your battery. We have covered this app here.
  6. Handcent SMS – This app gives you some extra features over the stock SMS program. This gives up a pop-up when you receive a text.
  7. SlideME Marketplace – Paid apps are only available in certain countries and if you’re not in one of those countries you can use this to access paid apps without rooting your phone.
  8. Facebook – This one is self-explanatory and it comes standard on most new Android phones.
  9. Astrid Task –  This is a nice app that I personally use myself. Its a great way to keep track of the tasks that you need to complete and when they are due.
  10. GDocs – This app is straightforward. It lets you view, edit and sync documents from your Google Docs account.
  11. SMS Backup & Restore – It lets you backup your SMS to your SD card.
  12. Seesmic – This is a twitter app which we covered here. Many still prefer Twidroid over Seesmic.
  13. Bluetooth File Transfer – Useful for transferring files to and from your PC without using the USB cable.
  14. PdaNet – You can tether your Android phone to your computer and get a internet connection on your computer. This is a free program however you will need to purchase the pad version to get to a secure site.  We have the steps on connecting your phone to your computer in our Tips and Tricks.
  15. ReaderScope/NewsRob – Both of these apps support Google Reader although NewsRob is strictly useful for RSS. If you need to keep up on social media sites you’ll definitely want to use ReaderScope.
  16. Dolphin Browser – Browser with ton of great features. Mentioned here and here.
  17. Fring – Fring allows Connect to various IM networks and make phonecalls over Skype. Video covering the app here.
  18. Mabilo Ringtone/Ringdroid – Two different ringtone apps. Mabilo lets you download ringtones from their server whild Ringdroid lets you create your own ringtones.
  19. Evernote –  Here is another personal favorite of mine, an excellent note taking application. I use the web version on my computer all the time as well. Here’s our writeup which includes some links to useful ways to use Evernote.

So what do you think? Any apps you don’t like? Any apps you think should have made the list?

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